Seamless approach to real estate portfolio requirements.

Newmark Zimmer’s Public Sector Consulting Division works to enhance the relationship between Public Sector and Private Sector actors to ensure both share in the risks and the rewards of any given venture. The use of taxpayer dollars demand accountability while the private sector needs to generate a sufficient return on investment. We help bridge the gap.

Strategic Advantage.

Our Public Sector Consulting division provides planning services to municipalities throughout the country. We work with communities to assist in guiding them through the process, including the preparation of updated affordable and mixed income housing assessments and studies. The Public Sector Consulting division consistently demonstrates its skill at leading complex, multi-phased initiatives through the stages of planning, financing, design, construction, and management. We remain committed to actively engaging and effectively managing the stakeholder engagement and public participation process that is crucial to the success of every revitalization effort.

The Public Sector Consulting division provides the in-house expertise to address all municipal and regional planning needs, including the preparation of comprehensive master plans, housing assessments, and affordable housing plans. The Public Sector Consulting division has developed an expertise in assembling project financing using multiple layers financing to build the capital stack from local, state, federal and private funding. Some of these funding sources include federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits, HOME, CDBG, HUD Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (RAD), HUD financing, Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program, Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Funds, and Special Needs Programs.

From structuring sensible incentive packages as part of the capital stack to providing the necessary analysis to support a proposed development, we walk you through the process set-by-step. We provide “real world” data in a transparent manner to foster trust and mutual respect between all parties. Additionally, our comprehensive planning and housing assessment services have been recognized by the American Planning Association for our approach to incorporating the broader effects of Globalization, Entrepreneurship, Immigration Patterns, and Education Trends on the growth and evolution of communities.

Our Suite of Services Includes:

Site Selection Assistance

Economic, Strategic, and Comprehensive Planning

Assistance with State and Local Financial Incentives

Market Analysis and Financial Feasibility Studies

Facilitating Meetings with State Government Agencies and Potential Strategic Partners

Providing Information on Communities and Work Force

Successful Strategies from Beginning-to-End.

We believe real estate decisions should be made with consideration of long-term goals. We articulate goals and objectives with our clients up front and propose strategies with a clear understanding of the execution.

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