Kansas City, MO

Newmark Zimmer managed the development for the NABC on this $24 million facility honoring basketball coaches, players, and contributors and providing an interactive basketball venue. The project is located in T-Mobile Center.

NZ worked with NABC for seven years to help them bring their vision to reality and assisted in obtaining funding from both state and city sources and was responsible for tracking all funding and expenditures throughout the project and had an extensive role in selecting and managing the design and fabrication teams, and interfacing with the construction manager for the CBE project and the T-Mobile Center project. Activities included assisting the NABC with the extensive process of sourcing material for the graphic and video media and helped to coordinate the production and installation of those elements of the project. NZ was also involved in the coordination of the extensive technical aspects of the project, including automated A/V, show control, lighting, and special effects.

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