Kansas City, MO

Provided services as the owner’s representative for renovations throughout the Pembroke Hill campus.

The new Athletic center and Hall Student Center expansion totaled 90,000 square feet with a budget of $55,000,000. The athletic center houses 3 basketball courts with support locker rooms, training, and dance functions. The new dining hall seat 300 in a grand vaulted space incorporating metal screen artwork design by Jan Hendrix. Renovations to the school’s art gallery and existing theater plus new academic space was provided. The project also created a new landscaped quadrangle with programmed exterior spaces for Pembroke’s upper campus. The project was completed in 2021.

Successful Strategies from Beginning-to-End.

We believe real estate decisions should be made with consideration of long-term goals. We articulate goals and objectives with our clients up front and propose strategies with a clear understanding of the execution.

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